Alpha Omega Training Group Tactical Carbine Level 1

Laying the Foundation for Future Carbine Courses


Course Description

This one day course lays the foundation for all future carbine courses.......

Student Gear Loadout

  • Semi-auto/select fire carbine with optic (red dot, LPVO, iron)

  • Magazine for carbine (minimum 5)

  • Sling for carbine

  • Magazine pouch (minimum of two mag holders)

  • Ballistic eye and over-ear protection (i.e. Peltor, Howard Leight, Razor, etc.)

  • Water source

  • Pen and sharpie

  • Towel

  • Weather related clothing (cold weather/wet weather gear)

  • 500 Rounds of ammo for specific carbine

  • Sack lunch

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Preparation is Key

While we will attempt to make accomodations if you forget something, you may be unable to complete the course. Students that are unable to attend the course due to equipment shortcomings will be refunded and allowed to reschedule for a later class. If you are unable to obtain certain items or have questions, please contact us prior to the course so that we can make arrangements.

For Tactical Carbine courses, we require the student to have zeroed the rifle prior to the first day of class. Due to the fast-paced nature of the courses, we will not have time for each student to obtain a zero once the course begins. Courses will begin with a confirm zero stage and those that have not zeroed their rifle prior to the course will not be allowed to continue. These students will be refunded their tuition and allowed to reschedule for a later class date.